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Nail Salon Pedicures: The Risks and How to Avoid Them 

The Risks of a Nail Salon Pedicure For many people, visiting a nail bar for a pedicure is a common part of their self-care routine, but we feel it is time to draw some light on the significant risks that you may not be aware of in having a pedicure at the nail bar. Look, […]

4 Common Causes of Heel Pain

‘Heel Pain’ is used to described pain at heel area obviously, but there are actually many different structures in the area that can be the cause. The ‘Heel’ ranges from the back of the heel/foot to the ‘plantar surface’ being the area underneath the heel.  Heel pain is a common and often debilitating condition that […]

5 Important Things to Know About Medical Nail Restoration (Keryflex)

5 Important Things to Know About Medical Nail Restoration I am a podiatrist in Sydney and have 10 years experience in the cosmetic repair of toenails that have had damage or trauma.  In recent years this treatment has become increasingly popular, but before you go ahead with a nail restoration, there are some important points […]

7 Reasons to Visit Our Sydney Podiatry Clinic

7 Reasons to Visit Our Sydney Podiatry Clinic Foot care is often overlooked, yet it is crucial for our overall well-being. At Rose Bay Podiatry, we understand the importance of healthy feet and offer a range of services to keep your feet in top condition. Our Sydney Podiatry Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and […]

The 5 Most Common Reasons for Developong Bunions

Understanding Bunions: The Top 5 Causes of This Foot Deformity Bunions, otherwise medically known as a “Hallux Valgus” deformity or a HAV, are a common foot deformity with its prevalence increasing with age and more commonly affecting females. Bunions are a result of the big toe travelling towards the lesser toes, and the top of the […]

Comprehensive Pediatric Podiatry Services for Kids

Pediatric Podiatry: Ensuring Healthy Feet for Your Child Pediatric podiatry is a specialised field that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot and ankle conditions in children. Our experienced podiatrists are well-versed in handling a wide range of paediatric foot issues, from common concerns like flat feet to more complex conditions. We are […]

Need a Pedicure This Week?

Unlock the Secrets of Healthy Feet: Exploring the Transformative Power of Medi Pedis Discover the Therapeutic Benefits of Medi Pedis When it comes to foot care, a medi pedi – or medical pedicure – is a cut above the rest. Unlike traditional pedicures that focus mainly on aesthetics, medi pedis are a therapeutic treatment, aimed […]

Expert Insights into Diabetes Foot Care and Complication Prevention

Diabetic Foot Care: Essential Strategies and Insights for Optimal Health Understanding Diabetes Foot Care: A Comprehensive Overview Navigating the complexities of diabetes management, a key component often overlooked is foot care. At Rosebay Podiatry, we recognise the critical role that foot health plays in the overall wellbeing of individuals with diabetes. This comprehensive guide is […]