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WE LOVE KIDS and Rose Bay Podiatry is a child friendly clinic.

We have plenty of room for prams and a collection of fun toys.

We commonly see and manage concerns such as:

Curly toes, Foot position concerns, In-toeing, Walking Difficulties, Footwear advice, Warts and other skin problems, Ingrown toenails, Growing pains, Severs syndrome, Heel and arch pain.

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Rose Bay Podiatry: Specialists in Children’s Foot Health

Welcome to Rose Bay Podiatry, where our passion for paediatric foot care drives us to offer exceptional podiatric services for children. Recognising the unique challenges in children’s foot health, we address a broad spectrum of concerns, ensuring that every child receives the best possible care.

Comprehensive Care for Common and Complex Foot Conditions

Our clinic is well-equipped to manage a variety of foot conditions in children, ranging from simple issues like skin and nail concerns or curly toes to more complex conditions such as Sever’s syndrome (Calcaneal Apophysitis). With our expertise in paediatric foot health, we ensure that each child receives a personalised treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.

Dedicated Child-Friendly Clinic Environment

We take pride in our child-friendly clinic environment. Our waiting area is designed to be welcoming for families, providing a comfortable and stress-free experience. We understand the importance of a positive environment in promoting a child’s cooperation and engagement during treatment.

Paediatric Podiatry: A Specialised Approach

Paediatric podiatry is a specialised field requiring expertise in the growth and development of children’s feet. Our podiatrists are highly trained in children’s foot anatomy and biomechanics, enabling them to provide targeted and effective treatments.

Holistic Treatment for Children’s Foot and Ankle Issues

At Rose Bay Podiatry, we adopt a holistic approach to treating children’s foot and ankle issues. This involves considering not just the physical aspects of foot health, but also the impact on a child’s overall well-being and daily activities.

Innovations and Advanced Treatments in Pediatric Foot Care

We stay at the forefront of paediatric podiatry by incorporating the latest innovations and advanced treatments. Our approach includes minimally invasive techniques, ensuring that treatments are as comfortable and effective as possible for our young patients.

Cultivating a Trusting Relationship with Young Patients

Building a trusting relationship with our young patients is at the heart of our practice. We strive to create a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere, helping children to feel secure and understood during their visits.

Encouraging Healthy Foot Development in Children

Our goal extends beyond treating current foot issues. We focus on educating families about the importance of healthy foot development and preventive care. This includes guidance on appropriate footwear, general foot hygiene, and exercises to promote healthy feet.

Your Trusted Children’s Podiatry Clinic in Sydney

At Rose Bay Podiatry, we are committed to being your trusted clinic for all your child’s podiatric needs. Our team of experienced podiatrists is here to provide compassionate, expert care, ensuring that your child’s feet are in the best hands.