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Rose Bay Podiatry are the most experienced Keryflex Nail Restoration providers in Sydney.

The Keryflex nail restoration system can only be applied by a trained Keryflex podiatrist. We use medical grade sterilisation of all equipment providing a safe sterile environment.

In as little as 30 minutes our podiatrists can create a realistic, natural looking nail which overlies a damaged nail and is almost completely undetectable.
Keryflex uses layers of a polymer resin that will not damage the natural nail, to create a durable yet flexible artificial nail.

Once the nail is in place it can be left un-polished as it will mimic a real looking nail or painted with nail polish.

The benefits of this treatment is confidence that your new nail has been applied with sterile instruments and techniques with no concerns of cross contamination leading to infection. The resin material will not further damage the underlying nail like acrylics and gels can. It is also more comfortable and thinner than a conventional “fake nail” and is designed to look natural and seamless with the new nail growing through. This product is both flexible and durable and can last up to 3 months on certain nails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do KeryFlex nails last?
A: KeryFlex nails can last up to 8 weeks but may vary based on individual lifestyle and nail growth rate. Regular check-ups are recommended to maintain optimal appearance and health.

Q: Can KeryFlex nails be painted?
A: Yes, KeryFlex nails can be painted with regular nail polish and removed with acetone nail polish remover, allowing you to change the color of your nails as desired.

Q: Is KeryFlex treatment suitable for everyone?
A: KeryFlex is suitable for most people seeking cosmetic improvement for nails affected by fungal infections, dystrophies, or deformities. Our podiatrists can assess your suitability for the treatment during your consultation.

Why is Keryflex beneficial to Acrylic artificial nails?
A: There are several reasons. Firstly, Keryflex does not emit the strong odour associated with acrylic nail applications. Secondly, Keryflex does not contain harmful chemicals that can damage the natural nail and nail bed. Lastly, Keryflex does not bond to the natural nail in a way that would cause the natural nail to be pulled off if the artificial nail were knocked hard.

How long will each Keryflex application last?
A: The Keryflex nail may remain in place for up to 3 months, however, we recommend replacing it every 4-6 weeks to clean and monitor natural nail growth.

How many applications will I get from 1 Keryflex Kit?
A: Your kit will contain 3 bottles: a bond, the resin, and a sealer. Depending on the size of your nail plates, we find that we can get around 10 nails out of a kit. Therefore, if you are applying to only 1 nail, this may provide 10 applications. If you have 2 nails needing Keryflex, you will get 5 applications.

If my natural nail has fallen off due to injury, can Keryflex still be applied?
A: In short, yes, it can still be applied as long as there isn’t an open wound. If there is ‘some’ nail, even a very tiny one, it will act as an anchor so that the Keryflex will last longer. However, we can apply the bond directly to the nail bed alone. If in doubt, come in to have our podiatrists assess and advise you.

Can I claim on Private Health Cover?
A: If you have cover for podiatry, you will be able to claim your appointment charge. You will not get a rebate for the Keryflex kit, which is a one-off payment on your first appointment.

How much does it cost?
– Keryflex Kit (one-off payment on the first appointment and will provide approximately 5 treatments): $75
– 1 Nail Application: $140 (claimable)
– 2 or more Nail Application: $180 (claimable)
– MEDICAL PEDICURE ADD ON: $70 (Usually $107)
*Please note the Keryflex appointment does not include treatment of your other nails or skin. If you want these attended to, a medi pedi add-on is needed.

Can I also get a medical pedicure when I have Keryflex done?
A: Yes, just select the + pedi-pedi option at the time of booking or ask the lovely receptionist. Your medical pedicure add-on will be at a discounted price of $70 (normally $107).

Cosmetic Nail Repair: Advanced KeryFlex Nail Restoration at Rose Bay Podiatry

In our continuous effort to offer the most advanced and effective podiatric treatments, Rose Bay Podiatry is proud to be the most experienced Sydney Clinic offering KeryFlex Nail Restoration. This innovative solution offers a safe and cosmetic option to restore the appearance of your nails, affected by fungus, injury, dystrophies, and other nail deformities. KeryFlex Nail Restoration allows us to create a flexible, durable non-porous nail, which acts and looks like a natural nail, in just one visit. Here’s why KeryFlex is your best choice for beautiful, healthy-looking nails.

Why KeryFlex?

KeryFlex Nail Restoration uses polymer resins and special activators to create a durable, yet flexible artificial nail when exposed to a specific frequency of ultraviolet light. Unlike traditional cosmetic solutions, KeryFlex nails are unaffected by acetone, nail polishes, or detergents, making them an ideal solution for those looking to maintain an active lifestyle without compromising on nail aesthetics.

The KeryFlex Advantage:

  • Quick and Painless: The KeryFlex process is fast, typically completed in just a single session, and is entirely pain-free, allowing you to walk out with beautiful nails immediately.
  • Safe and Effective: KeryFlex is safe for use on patients with vascular disease, arterial insufficiency, or diabetes, as it does not adhere directly to the skin but to the nail bed.
  • Versatile and Aesthetic: Perfect for any season or reason, whether you’re looking to show off your feet in summer sandals or want to ensure your nails look their best for a special event.

Enhancing Your Experience and Results

To maximise the benefits of your KeryFlex Nail Restoration treatment and ensure the longevity of your new nails, consider the following tips:

  • Aftercare: Follow the aftercare advice provided by our podiatrists to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your KeryFlex nails. This includes avoiding excessive moisture exposure and wearing appropriate footwear to protect the nails.
  • Regular Check-ups: Schedule regular appointments at Rose Bay Podiatry to monitor the health of your underlying natural nails and the integrity of the KeryFlex restoration. This ensures any adjustments or touch-ups can be made promptly, keeping your nails looking flawless.
  • Complementary Treatments: Ask our team about complementary treatments that can enhance the health and appearance of your feet and nails, such as our Medical Pedicure service, for the ultimate foot care routine.

Ready to Transform Your Nails?

If you’re tired of hiding your nails due to fungal infections, nail dystrophies, or other conditions, KeryFlex Nail Restoration at Rose Bay Podiatry offers a revolutionary solution. Contact us today to book your consultation and take the first step towards reclaiming the natural beauty of your nails. With KeryFlex, you’re not just getting a cosmetic enhancement; you’re investing in the future of your nail health.

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