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Medical Pedicure

Our Signature Medi-Pedi

Rose Bay Podiatry is the ‘Home of the Medical Pedicure’ in Sydney 

 Our Signature ‘Medi-Pedi’ is like no other pedicure you have had before. Our experienced podiatrists provide you with a thorough skin and nail treatment in a relaxing and private room, it is a total judgment-free zone so please don’t be concerned about your feet, we are here to help and your feet will feel fresh and amazing.

Nail concerns are common and nothing to be ashamed of, your private medi-pedi experience can assess and address a range of issues, including:

Fungal infections, Cracked Heels, Ingrown Toe Nails, Traumatised or Damaged Toenails, Tinea Pedis, or ‘athletes foot’.

Unlike most nail salons, our equipment is 100% medically sterilised for a safe, clean environment.

The procedure is suitable for both men and women.

 * Health fund rebates available.


  • Suitable for both Men and Women
  • Treatment provided in a private room

  • Fully qualified, experienced Podiatrists

  • Medically sterilised equipment

  • Assessment and diagnosis of any skin or nails abnormalities

  • Cut, shape and buff nails

  • Removal of hard skin/callous/corns professionally

  • Cracked heels addressed and smoothed

  • Ingrown toenails removed

  • Fungal nail infections diagnosed and treatment advice

  • Traumatised or damaged toenails improved

  • Tinea Pedis or “athlete’s foot” addressed

  • Application of nail and cuticle oil and beautiful skin moisturisers

  • Health Fund Rebates Apply

Common Questions about Medical Pedicures?

How much is a Medi-Pedi in Sydney?

Medical Pedicures are $120 for the First Appointment and $107 for follow ups

What is a Medi-Pedi

A Medi Pedi is a Medical Pedicure. A deep, pampering clean for the feet provided in a sterile, clinical environment by a qualified podiatrist.

What Products do you use?

We use the highest quality, specialty products formulated for the feet and legs. Bondi Medi Pedi products that we use at Rose Bay Podiatry in our Medi Pedis are Australian Made and Owned and formulated by a podiatrist using only the highest quality inredients and essential oils. We use the Nail and Cuticle Serum to nourish and hydrate the delicate cuticle area and the Foot and Leg Cream for the moisturising those feet and legs post medi pedi without leaving greasy. 

How regularly should you have a Medi Pedi?

Our Podiatrists recommend 6-8 weekly Medi-Pedis to keep your feet in optimal condition.