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If you’re looking to get a Medical Pedicure in Sydney. Our Signature ‘Medi-Pedi’ is a relaxing and private experience, in a judgment-free zone, with treatment by a fully qualified podiatrist.

Nail concerns are common and nothing to be ashamed of, your private medi-pedi experience can assess and address a range of issues, including:

Fungal infections, Cracked Heels, Ingrown Toe Nails, Traumatised or Damaged Toenails, Tinea Pedis, or ‘athletes foot’.

Unlike most nail salons, our equipment is 100% medically sterilized for a safe, clean environment.

The procedure is open to both men and women, with health fund rebates available, schedule your appointment today.



  • Suitable for both Men and Women
  • Treatment provided in a private room

  • Fully qualified, experienced Podiatrists

  • Medically sterilised equipment

  • Assessment and diagnosis of any skin or nails abnormalities

  • Cut, shape and buff nails

  • Removal of hard skin/callous/corns professionally

  • Cracked heels addressed and smoothed

  • Ingrown toenails removed

  • Fungal nail infections diagnosed and treatment advice

  • Traumatised or damaged toenails improved

  • Tinea Pedis or “athlete’s foot” addressed

  • Application of nail and cuticle oil and beautiful skin moisturisers

  • Health Fund Rebates Apply

Female feet on the soft bed linen
Female feet on the soft bed linen