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Walkers Urea 25% Foot Cream 500ml


Deep hydrating 25% Urea 500ml pump bottle

Formulated to soften dry, cracked and callused heels. Walkers Urea 25% Foot Cream 500ml is non-greasy and contains 25% urea.Urea has been medically proven to have extraordinary properties that promotes fast healing of dry cracked split skin, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne and other problematic skin conditions.

Unmatched for its hydrating properties, urea plays a vital role in maintaining the skin’s moisture balance and the suppleness of the skin

Unlock the Power of Deep Hydration with Walkers 25% Urea Pump
Introducing the Walkers 25% Urea Pump, a revolution in foot care. This 500ml pump bottle offers a breakthrough formula, expertly designed to provide intense hydration for dry, cracked, and calloused heels. Its unique urea-based composition is the cornerstone of its efficacy, making it an indispensable product for those seeking profound foot care solutions.

Urea: The Miracle Ingredient for Foot Hydration
At the core of this cream’s formulation is urea, known for its unparalleled hydrating properties. It’s medically recognized for its ability to rapidly heal dry, cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis, and other challenging skin conditions. The inclusion of a 25% urea concentration in this product elevates its healing potential, striking the perfect balance between intensive hydration and gentle care for sensitive skin.

Experiencing the Benefits of the Walkers Urea Formula
The Walkers 25% Urea Pump is more than just a foot cream; it’s a therapeutic treatment for your feet. Its formulation is carefully crafted to penetrate deep into the skin, offering relief and restoration for even the most damaged skin. The high concentration of urea in this cream ensures effective treatment for severe dryness, making it a powerful ally against dry, cracked heels and other tough skin issues.

The Practicality of the Pump Bottle
The design of this product is not just about its contents but also its container. The pump bottle is carefully chosen for its practicality and ease of use, ensuring that each application is mess-free and precise. This thoughtful packaging design enhances the user experience, making the cream not only effective but also convenient and user-friendly.

Versatile and Effective: More Than Just a Heel Cream
While primarily aimed at treating dry heels, this cream’s versatility extends to addressing a spectrum of skin conditions. It proves effective against eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne, and other skin challenges, making it a multi-functional product in any skincare routine.

Seamless Integration into Your Skincare Routine
Incorporating Walkers 25% Urea Pump into your daily skincare routine is straightforward and rewarding. Its consistent use can lead to dramatic improvements in the health and appearance of your skin, particularly in areas prone to dryness and cracking. The cream’s non-greasy formula allows for comfortable, everyday application, promoting skin hydration without any discomfort or residue.

Embrace Comprehensive Skin Care with Walkers
Choosing Walkers 25% Urea Pump means opting for a product that embodies comprehensive skin care. This cream reflects Walkers’ commitment to delivering high-quality, effective solutions for foot and skin health. It’s a testament to their dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of skincare.

Transform Your Skin with Walkers’ Expertise
Walkers’ expertise in foot care is evident in every aspect of this product. From the scientifically formulated ingredients to the user-friendly packaging, every detail is designed with your skin’s health in mind. Trust in the Walkers brand to provide you with a foot care solution that not only treats but also transforms the condition of your skin.