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Foot Exfoliator File


The perfect exfoliator designed by a podiatrist for the removal of callous, hard dry skin and cracked heels. Can be used after the shower/bath or on dry skin. Always follow use with a good foot moisturiser for optimum results.

Introducing the Premier Foot Exfoliator File
Step into advanced foot care with the Foot Exfoliator File, hailed as the ultimate solution for soft, well-maintained feet. This product stands out as an essential tool for effectively tackling rough, dry skin and stubborn callouses.

Expertly Designed for Superior Foot Care
Developed with the expertise of professional podiatrists, this exfoliator file is specifically tailored to target and remove tough skin without causing harm to your feet, ensuring a safe and effective exfoliation experience.

The Importance of Regular Foot Exfoliation
Consistent use of the Foot Exfoliator File plays a vital role in foot health maintenance. It aids in the prevention of hard skin build-up, reducing the risk of cracked heels and ensuring that your feet remain soft and well cared for.

How to Achieve Optimal Results
For maximum effectiveness, use the file on damp skin post-shower or bath. Its design caters to ease of use, allowing for a thorough yet gentle exfoliation process.

Enhancing Foot Health with Proper Moisturisation
Following up exfoliation with a high-quality foot moisturiser is crucial. This practice ensures that your feet remain hydrated and supple, enhancing the overall results and health of your feet.

Elevating Your Foot Care Regimen
Incorporating this exfoliator file into your daily foot care routine is a step towards ensuring consistently smooth and soft feet. It’s an indispensable tool for anyone dedicated to maintaining their foot health.

Rose Bay Podiatry’s Commitment to Foot Health Excellence
At Rose Bay Podiatry, we take pride in providing products like the Foot Exfoliator File that embody our dedication to superior foot care. Trust in our commitment to offering the best solutions for all your foot care needs.