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At Home ‘Medi Pedi’ Gift pack



  • Bondi Medi Pedi Nail Serum
  • Bondi Medi Pedi Foot + Leg Cream
  • Bondi Medi Pedi Callous Exfoliator

The perfect gift for a friend or yourself to maintain beautiful feet between Medical Pedicures.

Enhancing Your Foot Care Routine with the ‘Medi Pedi’ Gift Pack

Discover the joy and convenience of professional-grade foot care in the comfort of your home with our ‘Medi Pedi’ Gift Pack. This specially curated collection brings the expertise of Rose Bay Podiatry right to your doorstep. The Bondi Medi Pedi Products are owned and made in Australia and formulated by a podiatrist for the very best treatment for healthy feet.

Home Pedicures Made Simple and Relaxing

Our gift pack transforms foot care into a simple, enjoyable experience. We provide easy-to-follow tips for using these products, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results at home.

Merging Professional Pedicure Standards with Home Convenience

Experience the quality of a professional pedicure with the ease of an at-home treatment. Our ‘Medi Pedi’ Gift Pack bridges this gap, offering products that are both effective and indulgent. The products used are the same as the ones we use in our very own medical pedicures in our clinic.

The Ideal Gift for Foot Care Enthusiasts

Whether it’s for a loved one or a treat for yourself, this gift pack is perfect for anyone who values foot health and wellness. It’s a thoughtful way to encourage regular foot care and self-pampering.

Embrace the Benefits of Regular Foot Care

In conclusion, the ‘Medi Pedi’ Gift Pack from Rose Bay Podiatry is more than just a set of products; it’s a commitment to the health and beauty of your feet. Invest in this pack and step into a world of comfort and care.