Wart Removal

FWarts – also known as plantar warts or verrucae are commonly occurring on the foot. They can develop a hard callous on top which can also make them quite painful as well as be unsightly. Many patients struggle to treat their warts due to misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment as there is several different types of warts that can occur on our feet and all require different treatments. We have a variety of topical treatments available which are minimally painful and usually only require several visits to successful treat your wart or we have a surgical removal option which is performed with a local anaesthetic so no pain is experienced during treatment and usually requires only one visit and has a very minimal risk of scarring once the wart has been removed. Before beginning any wart treatment it is vital you have a consultation with our podiatrist to determine what sort of wart you have and the most adequate treatment, taking into consideration your lifestyle and current health status. If you have failed with wart treatments in the past, don’t despair it is likely we will have a solution for you.

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