Our Vision

“step into the future of foot health”

When it comes to your foot health, finding someone who can treat your pain or advise you on your foot concerns can be a daunting task. With the variety of health professionals and different treatment options on the market it can leave patients confused and unsure of what the right treatment for them might be.

At Rose Bay Podiatry we strive to stay ahead of the pack by providing the latest in podiatric treatments and only advising medically sounds and clinically relevant treatments. Sometimes new “technology” can just be a “Selling” device rather than a necessary treatment, and this adds to costs and confusion in many cases. At Rose Bay Podiatry we aim to provide the best quality care and information with emphasis on patient communication, correct clinical diagnosis of your concerns and comprehensive treatment plan – with all the necessary technology required.

Rose Bay podiatry has been established in Rose Bay since 2008 and continues to be a welcome part of the community. We treat patients of all ages from small children to the very elderly and pride ourselves on making every concern a top priority from a toe nail concern to a chronic ongoing sports injury.

We care about your foot health and your right to be informed on the choices available to you.

This type of podiatry treatment is suitable for many foot concerns
Children’s feet
Children's feet are unique due to the different development stages...
There is now a new technique on the market which can be applied only...
Fungal Nail Infections
Fungal nail infections can often present as thickened, yellowed, and...
Wart Removal
Warts – also known as plantar warts or verrucae are commonly...
Nail surgery
If you have chronic in-growing toenails which return even...
Fungal nail laser
A revolutionary new treatment package which is unique to Rose...
Orthotics are devices which are worn in your shoes and are designed...

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