Fungal nail laser

Finally… Medical Treatment and Restoration of Fungal Nails.

A revolutionary new treatment package which is unique to Rose Bay Podiatry allows laser fungal treatment and nail restoration all in one! Fungal nail infections cause damaged, unsightly nails which can be difficult and sometimes impossible to treat! Laser fungal nail treatment is an effective permanent solution with no ongoing home nail treatment. We also offer a restore option to ensure beautiful nails straight after your laser session. In order for your nail to be successfully treated with a fungal laser treatment, the affected nails need to be filed back aggressively and cut short. This usually leaves the nail looking very unsightly. The solution is our restore package which we then create a thin resin nail which mimics the look and feel of a real nail, which can be painted immediately if you wish.

Why choose Laser treatment for Fungal Nail Infections?

  • Clinically proven to be in effective in 70 - 80% of fungal nail infections
  • Simple and convient
  • Minimal pain associated with laser treatment
  • Does not encourage further spreading of the fungal spores unlike some topical treatments
  • No known side effects
  • 1064n medical laser is used to ensure optimal results.
  • No need for further nail treatment at home

Benefits of Restore treatment

  • Application of restoration is done by a podiatrist with sterile equipment and practices.
  • looks like a natural pink nail without needing to apply nail polish
  • Thin flexible resin which has a natural look and feel
  • Thin resin which does not cause any further damage to the existing nail
  • Nail can last up to 8 weeks following application
  • Restore nail can be painted and filed like a normal nPain-free during application and feels comfortable on the foot.
  • Helps to prevent penetration of moisture and fungal spores following laser treatment which can prevent reinfection of the fungus.

What Type of nails might be successfully treated with fungal laser treatment?

  • Yellowing, green or dark discolouration of nail
  • Thickened or misshapen nails
  • Crumbling or damaged nails
  • lifting of part or all of the nail
  • White sports or powdery appearance on the top or underneath the nail
  • build up of debris underneath the nail
  • Lines or ridges in the nail.
  • ugly nails!
  • Why choose to see a podiatrist for your fungal nail treatment?

  • podiatrists are the ONLY medical practitioner that specialise in the feet and lower limb.
  • Podiatrists have the most clinical experience with seeing fungal nails and the variety of treatments on the market not just laser treatments.
  • Only sterile instruments and practices are performed by a podiatrist
  • A podiatrist is a medical practitioner that can confidently screen patient for suitability and careful screening high risk patients which might not be safe to use this treatment.
  • A podiatrist has your foot health as your number 1 priority. Fungal nail infections have medical implications and there is different diagnoses for nail conditions. Your podiatrist will advise you on whats medically appropriate not just on a cosmetic level.
  • Offer alternative options if laser is not suitable for you or you prefer to have topical nail treatments.
  • Our laser nail therapy starts at $199 and we also offer value packages depending on the treatments required as determined by your podiatrist.

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