Children’s feet

Children's feet are unique due to the different development stages through-out childhood and teenage years. A variety of injuries can affect children through grow spurts and due to sporting activities. At Rose Bay Podiatry we take special consideration to children’s needs in a fun and comfortable environment, while educating parents of the cause of pain and provide a variety of treatment options and giving the parents opportunity to decide the best course of action for the child’s treatment. We aim to provide and friendly and helpful environment for both parents and children alike. With children early intervention is always important. It is also important to monitor children with walking and postural concerns during development stages and prescribe the appropriate treatments to keep children pain free now and in the future. If your child has any of these issues it is important to see a podiatrist to have a check up

  • Excessive wearing of footwear
  • Complains of tired aching legs or feet
  • Has had any sporting injuries In the feet, knees, hips or lower back
  • Feet look like they are “rolling in” or “flat footed”
  • Complains of walking difficulties or has a tendency to trip over
  • Has had pain in their feet, ankles, knees or hips are doing sporting activities
  • Nail or skin concerns on their feet
  • Complains of nonspecific “growing pains”
  • Has previously worn or currently wears orthotics
  • If you would like footwear or exercise advise.

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